Back from the scrap!

Making a rap? Ok.  I’ll stop now.

I have returned from my weekend away!! It seems like it went by in a blink.  I arrived on Friday night, a tad late, at 7 and joined everyone for dinner and then off we went back to the huge room where all 11 of us were set up on our own huge table to work on our projects.  Somehow I’ve come home totally exhausted!  All I did was sat in a chair all weekend!  The first night I climbed into bed at 2am then got up at 9 and rushed to grab some breakfast, which was at 8:30.  Last night I went to bed at about 1:30 and woke up at 9.

I completed over 30 double page layouts, so over 60 12×12 pages! I finished a book of our Christmas trip. From start to finish I got it done, journaling and all!  This page with the kids at the playground is my favourite part of the book.  I love the photos and the lettering.  There were so many neat little gadgets, like the wonderful lovely Cricut which I need to have.

It was loads of fun. I’ve never been to something like this and it was great to have so much time to focus on layouts and have a big work area. It was also nice to have a break from being mommy. Big thanks to Kelly who set it all up.

OOoooohhh and the bestest part was that I had taken some of my taggie blankies to ask the crafty ladies present what they thought was a fair price, just to get an idea before my show.  The 3 ladies I showed them to each bought one!!  It was great.  Thanks ladies!

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