The rag quilt was watching me!

Last night I sewed a girlie rag quilt together.  Since I have 4 boy sort of themed ones I thought I should make some more girlie ones before my show on Saturday.  So I made this neat one with pinks and purples and cute little owls.

I plunked it on the kitchen table to remember to snip it today and, as it was very late (much like now), I turned off all the lights on the main floor and was about to go upstairs.  Then I forgot something and came back into the kitchen to get it.  At first I thought my eyes weren’t adjusted to the dark or something but there on the table where all these little green circles!  When I walked closer I realised it was the eyes on the owls!  Apparently it’s glow in the dark fabric!!! I bought it almost a year ago and didn’t remember that at all.  So it’s a pretty cool quilt.

Sorry for the plain photos, Picnik is acting wonky and I’m tired.

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