What I’m reading.

I just started reading this book the other day, Little Bee by Chris Cleave. I’m only about 100 pages in (after 3 sittings I think) and I love it so far. I’m a sucker for neat book covers, I think that’s what always makes me stop and pick up a book. That’s how I picked this one up, same with my all time favourite The Time Traveller’s Wife.

I love the silhouette and the flowing cursive writing. There’s no blurb on the back, it’s covered with reviews and praise. On the inside sleeve it says this:

“Once you have read it, you’ll want to tell you friends about it. When you do., please don’t tell them what happens. The magic is in how the story unfolds.”


Not at the end yet, and apparently I can’t tell you what’s so good about it when I get there anyway, but I will share part of what’s making me love it. The main character is a refugee from Nigeria and she’s in England, which is all new and shiny to her. She has these little moments of ‘what would they think back home in my village?!’ when she sees something new to her. The last one, that made me laugh out loud was this part when she comes to the busy and crowded highway:
“If I was telling this story to the girls from back home they would be saying, Okay, it was the morning, so they people were travelling to work in their fields. But why do the people who were driving from right to left not exchange their fields with the people who are driving from left to right? That way everyone could work in the fields near to their homes. And then I would just shrug because there are no answers that would not lead to more foolish questions, like What is an office and what crops can you grow in it?

So far the book is full of awesome observations like this. I like it, they’re funny and some of them I’ve thought of before myself.

I also love books that are written in a different way, I guess I lucked out with The Time Traveller’s Wife. Drawn in by the cover, and neat title it just happens to be written in a remarkable way. I loved this book. If you did too NEVER see the film. NEVER.

Another great book I’ve read recently is The Book Thief. Absolutely fabulous! I think it was the title that got me for this one. Fantastic story and beautifully written.

Well, off to read I guess. That’s what I’m in the mood to do, for some strange reason.

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