Tell Your Story catch up.

Yeah, I’m a bad student.  Finally sat down and completed a few more pages in my Tell Your Story art journal.

Here’s the ‘Today Felt’ pages.  I used some paint chip sample thingies and just wrote over top of all the colours.  I tried to be creative with my doodles but I’m not happy with the results.

Then I finished the ‘I want more than anything’ pages.  I used some woodgrain shelf lining paper I had to make a tree and turned the pages into a fun little outdoor scene.

Finally, for now, I finished the ‘3 wishes’ and ‘Deep Down’ pages.  I tried to make them sort of fit with each other since I couldn’t think of a way to stretch those prompts over 2 pages.

It’s strange, I like scrapbooking and painting and stamping and all the things that I thought would be useful for this class but I’m having a hard time being satisfied with my work.  I’ll have to make some time to sit down for a big chunk and finish a bunch of pages at once.  Build some momentum and go with it!

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