At the Creativ Festival I met this lovely lady with an amazing product!  It combines a who lot of things I love into one fun product.  It’s a DIY craft project,  it’s earth friendly, it’s cute and you can keep it or give it as a gift!  The patterns are printed directly onto the 100% organic cotton (it’s really soft!) and all you have to do it cut, sew and stuff!  All you need is a needle/sewing machine and thread.  It’s brilliant.  Fun for a veteran crafter and easy enough for a newbie.

Not only is Berene a wonderful lady, when I asked for a card and mentioned I would blog about her items she asked if I would take something and host a giveaway.  Free stuff and fun, there was no way I could say no.  Sooooo I picked something I thought would be fun for the upcoming holiday season, or even for a special valentine.

So here’s the deets, head over to the Happy Sew Lucky site, to see the different products and then click her Facebook to place a comment about their fave kit.  EXTRA ENTRY if you come back here and tell me what you like the most about her awesome products too, so I don’t feel all lonely like.

13 Responses to Giveaway!

  1. I love the sniffy bunny w/ the carrot in the tummy! So cute! thanks!

  2. The Li’l Birdies are so adorable…..and can’t forget Rocky Dog!

  3. I love the bunny…such a great gift for a bay girl or boy!

  4. I just commented over on the facebook site …
    Am loving the fabric book – but also the cat. Well, all the cute animals. So adorable!!!
    I had this idea a while ago to print a doll or something on fabric to give to my daughter – to get into sewing. But was never sure whether it would “work” and would look good … Now I will definitely try this!!!!

  5. I commented over yonder and told them I’m a sucker for kitties. :)

  6. I love the Rocky dog! So cute =)

  7. love the animals…food in their tummies! :)

  8. I don’t think I could choose just one favorite item. Her use of pattern is fantastic, and I love the dimension of the animals and dolls…Great find, Tara!

  9. Brenda Bradbury

    I’m really loving the cute ???? What’s for dinner one…. it just soooooo cute

  10. What I absolutely love most is that I could sew these! I remember my mom making me dolls like this when I was a kid. I would LOVE to make any of these kits, they are all fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. I adore the matryoshkas!Nesting dolls have always been a favorite in my family, and those babushkas are just so adorable! My grandmother collected them, and now that love has been passed down to my sister and I. Also, the idea of printing or coloring on fabric and sewing it into a doll is wonderful :) Thanks!

  12. Thank you so much for bringing happysewlucky to my attention! I love the Russian nesting dolls! I’m heading over there immediately to check out her kits!

  13. hrm, it seems i left out when this would close, i figured tonight. i’ll announce the winner tomorrow! good luck ladies!

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