Vintage haul.

My neighbour is selling her house. It’s sad. We like her. Plus she has a pool and she lets me and the kids use it all summer during the day while she’s at work.

She was doing some big purging a while back and invited me over to go through some fabric and crafty supplies to see what I wanted. I just tossed things into a bag and didn’t really look at it for a while. Last week I dumped it all out on the kitchen table and sorted through it.

There’s still the big pile of fabric that I have to go through. I’m pretty sure (barring needing something for a gift) that I’m on a fabric buying ban. I’ve got way to much lying around and I need to actually CUT and USE it. Both options make me gasp. Yeah, I know, all this says the girl organizing fabric scrap swaps . . .

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