Just in time.

So I signed up and said I’d do this.

So here I am getting my first bit of homework in with less than an hour left in August 1st. Self portrait, complete with messy hair, jammies, sunburnt face, sewing and Netflix in the background.

I sense things will go well.

5 Responses to Just in time.

  1. I love how slice-of-life real this is. Also love that I sew with a little pincushion that looks just like that next to me too :)

  2. Interesting .. mmmm could be something I might do .. may have to be late ! or maybe next month.

  3. I’d love to do that but I’m already doing the August Break challenge. Looking forward to seeing yours! :)

  4. Wait a minute!! You sew and watch movies simultaneously?!

  5. Yes, I’m *that* awesome!
    They’re pretty much no brainer shows, just something to listen to.

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