More productive procrastination

I went to my little corner of the basement fully intending to sew up a storm. But then I didn’t really feel like it, so I puttered around, and I tidied up, and I organized . . . in the end it left me with a really nice tidy space and I did eventually get to work.

Some fun handmade cards and posters.

Craft swap goodies and my favourite picture of my Dad. I have an unusual family tree.

Us at Stonehenge and my creative inspiration embroidery hoop I made.

More favourite pics of me and my parents. That black eraser says ‘Stonehenge ROCKS!’, makes me giggle every time I look at it.

5 Responses to More productive procrastination

  1. I love your space…it’s so inviting :)
    Makes me want to come over and craft something LOL

  2. Such an inspiring space. I love that you have family photos and such mixed in as well and I could definitely take away some tips for organization of my own space. :)


  3. Well done! I wish mine is that tidy. Yap, that reminds me that I have to start working on my sewing room. In fact, I am but just seems it never ends. :-(

  4. It looks wonderful! Terry is going to help me create a sewing space in the new year, I love the strings of lights and of course the family photos, Your dad was such a wonderful man with a heart of gold, can you believe I still have his Fender Guitar, I will never part with it :) Thank you for the smile!

  5. gosh, i know exactly what you mean, one of these days will get around to organizing my sewing space & set up proper shelving for ribbons.. thanks for the reminder & inspiration (“,)

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