January sponsor spots! For free!

Ok, I have to admit I’ve been a terrible blogger this week but if you were where I am you’d totally understand. It’s absolutely gorgeous here and I’ve been far to busy during the day and collapsing in sun drenched exhaustion at night to be a good blogger.

That said, I’ve also been neglectful seeking out January sponsors. So I’d like to just be nice and giveaway some spaces. I’ll hand out 5 spots for over there in my sidebar. Now since tomorrow is January 1st, and I’ll be in bed waaaay before midnight I’ll leave this open for 24ish hours (I’m on Belize time, things move slowly here) and then I’ll pick 5 lucky people. The first winner can have the large ad space! I’ll send emails to the winners tomorrow so be ready to send me images and link information.

Have a great New Year’s Eve everyone! See you in 2012.

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