Frankie and tea.

I had a silly idea the other day and decided to execute it. Here’s the result.

It’s super silly, but so adorably funny too! Yes, he wraps all the way around.

I also made this one, someone requested a custom order before the holidays for a cozy like this and I thought it would make a good tea drinker’s cozy.

The only thing is, and I’m not sure if this is just spending too long knowing Mollie, but I’m really leaning towards putting a cute little face on that tea cup. Opinions?

14 Responses to Frankie and tea.

  1. Love both, super cute, ESP. Since our little dog is a Dixie beagle mix!

    What did you use to write on fabric?


  2. I LOVE the dog!!! I don’t drink coffee but I am so inclined to order one for the cuteness!

    I follow Mollie as well I am do think her use of faces has rubbed off… go with a face!!

    Love the blog and hope all is well.


  3. I saw this in an Etsy email I think (or maybe Pinterest?)!!! I LOVE IT! Your stuff is adorable!!

  4. I kind of prefer the coffee cup without the face on that particular design. LOVE LOVE LOVE the wiener dog! Too funny.

  5. Love the wiener dog! Such a creative idea!

  6. Love the weiner dog – I have a doxie/beagle mix and have done this on a tshirt – cute!

  7. These are both super cute! I’m with you — I think a face on the cup would make it doooble cute. :D

  8. Yes! Slap a cute little face on that cup! It’ll be the perfect accent! It may also be fun to add it with stitching for a little pop of texture.

    Love the weiner dog too! Adorbs!

  9. well, you know how I feel about faces…but it’s cute without it too. personally, I’m just too stunned at the idea of someone not wanting coffee that I can’t think clearly.

  10. Love the dog!
    Maybe some steam over the cup.

  11. It’s strange I don’t like coffee at all and yet look and what I’ve fallen into making and selling!

  12. Yeah, steam might be nice, stitched in a light blue . . . hrm.

  13. Yeah I was going to stitch it, I think I’ll had steam too now! More things for the ToDo pile!

  14. I use a water soluble marker from the fabric store when I need to draw on fabric, like for the wiener dog.
    The cup and wording is screen printed.

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