In case you haven’t heard,

I’m going to Etsy, not the site (I do that many times on a daily basis) but the actual building in Brooklyn, New York! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you’ve already heard this, a few times, but now I’m sharing it here.

I applied to the Etsy Success Symposium and was invited to attend. It’s super exciting. Of course it also left me scrambling with a way to get to Brooklyn for the weekend, but that’s ok. I’ll have some time to wander Brooklyn and the surrounding area.

If anyone knows any fun, cool, crafty, creative, inspiring or ‘things not in Canada’ things I should do or see I’d welcome suggestions. I’ve been to NYC 3 times already, plus I’m not really into traditional touristy things. I’d rather find some fun fabric, or washi tape, or an awesome place to sit and have a tea with wifi and a comfy chair!

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