Hello from my bed

I got home Sunday and I’ve pretty much been useless since.
Monday I was just tired from the trip.
Tuesday I felt off and came home at noon, fed the kids and had a nap before I could carry on with my day.
Wednesday morning at work was a blur. I came home and went straight to bed and woke up around 5.
I’m not sure what the kids did in that time, I remember putting a movie on, and them asking to go outside, I was so out of it.
Last night was terrible, fever, chills, sweats, many naps . . . I called in sick today and counted on having a couch day all to myself while the kids were at the sitter’s. But as things got worse I headed to the clinic. Which led to the lab and ate up most of my day.

They think I picked up some crazy stomach bug while in NYC. Silly public bathrooms and airplanes! I just took the first pill of my prescription and now I’m going to have that couch time while the kids play outside and hope it starts working ASAP!

I’ve even been too sick to blog, so you know it must be bad! So my apologies for disappearing, promise I’m still here and I’ll be sharing more Etsy/NYC fun once I can handle it.

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