Craft and Click

I’ve had a digital subscription to Mollie Makes since the first issue. If you download the Mollie Makes app from the app store and purchase your magazines there they also have this magazine for sale. I was debating purchasing it for a while and wasn’t sure I should.

Then I finally caved and bought it. I was a bit disappointed flipping through it at first, it starts with simple things I knew like making your Facebook page and setting up Twitter. But then I realized if you’re relatively new to social media or have just started a blog it could be useful.

Then as I flipped through it I started to jot notes on a little paper. Blogs I hadn’t heard of, sites to explore, I ended up filling the entire paper and having to flip it over and scrawl on the back.

I still have to make the time to check it all out but thought I’d share that this magazine is worth the few dollars it costs! Oh, so is Mollie Makes!

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