If we had more land

Sometimes I think it would be cool to have a little shed/workshop/studio/room in the backyard to escape to and create away. If we had more space I might be tempted to get one of these, my own little Hobbit House!

But we don’t have a ton of land . . . and what if I needed to pee . . . . or it was super hot . . . or it’s winter and I want to craft late at night in my jammies . . . . Guess we just need a bigger house!

5 Responses to If we had more land

  1. That is SO CUTE!! It also looks like it’s a bit too small – not a lot of space for creating!

  2. Such a cute little Hobbit House!! That would be fun to have and create away in!! ;) xo Heather

  3. i was totally into this idea until you started the what ifs! But you’re right. What if I had to pee!

  4. That hobbit house is SO COOL!!! I’d totally nod off if I didn’t have a tv or computer in my crafting room, though. :}

  5. It would make a cool adult retreat – but perhaps an ever better kids clubhouse. Too bad stuff wasn’t this cool when we were kids.

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