Thoughts on sewing daily, and yeah more scrappy wallets.

I made more scrappy wallets. I had orders to get to, I had other stuff to sew for people but sometiems I just have to put it all on hold and sew something *I* want to make. Usually, I turn to the scrappy wallets since they’re super quick and I can feel a sense of accomplishment when I walk away. Otherwise I’ll walk away and yet another unfinished project sits on my table judging me in it’s pileness.

Michelle talked about how she feels happier if she sews every day. She was inspired by this post about developing good sewing habits over on The Colletterie. Since she’s usually busy designing patterns or managing her online shops she doesn’t get much actual sewing time.

Lately I’ve been trying really hard to use up what I have an not buy new supplies. I’m also working on clearing off the pile of ‘in progress’ projects that sit on my table, because I totally believe they’re a source of stress. Sort of like a reminder to yourself that you didn’t live up to your promise/expectations. In effect you let yourself down. Yeah, wow, that’s deep but you know what I mean.

Also, I have to go to work tomorrow, it’s a sad day.

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