Organizing, organizing and oh, more organizing.

So are you a messy work space kinda person?

Sometimes I swear I spend more time just decluttering my work space and getting it neat and tidy so I can think and actually create than I do creating!

I decided to use this desk calendar and I blocked off the afternoons I have off in a month. The plan was to head to the gym after I was done work at 11:25. Then head home after an hour or so at the gym for some lunch. Then spend the afternoon writing and creating until walking across the street at about 4 to fetch the kids.

My vision has yet to happen. I think I’ve done that 2, possibly 3 but I highly doubt it, times since school started on September 4th.

There always seems to be an appointment or an errand to run . . . Perhaps the colder weather and some snow will be the kick in the butt I need to stick to my plan.

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