Blissdom is coming.

Annnnd I’m a community leader! Along with all these great peeps. If you don’t know who this particular person is, please take a moment to meet Shannon. She’s an amazing writer, bring up topics I’ve either never thought about or says things on topics I’ve thought about in the most perfect way. After some Tweeting last year, and a delayed flight for her, she walked into our hotel room to find me in my PJs sitting in bed. We said hellos and went to sleep! But then we went on to have a great time together at the conference and it’s been a pleasure to know her for a year.

There are some other fantastic people speaking as well. Last year was my first time and I have to admit I wasn’t very savvy about who people were ahead of time. I’m hoping this year to recognize some faces and also to go stalk all these community leaders before Blissdom starts.

I’m going to be speaking about Etsy, affiliate programs, Passionfruit, sponsorship and basically how to add all those fun things to your blog or business. I’m hoping to sound all professional like.

If you happen to be going to Blissdom, and I don’t know that yet, please let me know now and I’ll be sure to seek you out! And be happy I know someone else.

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