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Jam session.

I made jam!!!

Delicious, delicious raspberry jam.

It sure costs a small fortune to buy the raspberries for it! It was $50 for the flat, which should have been $60 but they were having a buy 5 get one free thing. BUT all those raspberries made about 25 jars of jam, so when you do the math $2 per jar of delicious home made jam isn’t too bad. It’s just like shopping at Costco, it costs a lot up front!

We also made some raspberry vinegar, it should be ready for salads in about a week. Yum!

That’s just a shameless, “gee my kid is cute” shot. He’s got all these little freckles splattered across his nose and cheeks and this funny little line on his nose that tans differently than the rest . . . super cute!

I made 2 big batches yesterday with the supervision/instruction of Grandma and the help of the kids. Today I’m going to finish off the pints that are left and whip up a batch on my own. Fingers crossed I can do it!