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Free sewing table + my Singer prelude = fail.

Here’s my sewing machine, nothing fancy but it was a Mother’s day gift and I like it.

My mom gave me a sewing machine table and I was super hyped about it.  I bought some sand paper and primer and was still debating what colour to paint it.  I was going to recover the seat with a fun fabric . . .

BUT then I opened it up and saw these little hingie thingies dangling from those circles.

THEN I was confused.  There’s no little holes on the back of my machine to fit those.  I was starting to see this might not work.   Here it is propped up on a bunch of books, which isn’t ideal for sewing.

I thought it would go like this, swing down and hideaway inside the table.  So I think I’m going to have to build some sort of shelf to place it on and sit it in the table nicely.  BUT the only problem with that is, when I’m finished sewing I’ll have to take the machine out of the hole, close the flap and store my machine on top of the table.  Not the end of the world, it would prevent me from just tossing things onto it when it’s all closed up.

Guess I’ll have to do some thinking on this, *sigh*.