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Friday Find – household tip, trapping pesky fruit flies

I won’t say this tip absolutely gets rid of them but it sure helps knock the population down a bit!

I was very industrious outside yesterday with the wonderful help of my friend Joanna.  Now my backyard looks so neat and tidy, better than it’s looked in the 3 years since we moved here!! It’s hard to do things with 2 little ones underfoot. Joanna did more work than me since I had to keep getting drinks/snacks/stopping quarrels . . . but the end result was great. Before and afters soon.

Today is a rainy gray day so we’re staying in and relaxing after a busy week. However, with that comes the horrible summer-keeping-a-compost-bin-on-the-counter problem of fruit flies. So I made some little traps.

That trap was near my compost bin for a about a week.  I suppose you could be diligent and free the little fellows outside.  I apologize for the fruit flies that were harmed in the making of this post.