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“Hi this is Heather Ross”

So I was giving Nate a bath, which is strange because I usually have both kids in there, when hubby brought me my cell. So I say “Hello?” while multitasking and the noise of a splashy bath is going on around me. “Hi Tara. It’s Heather Ross“, and I reply, “Oh! . . . Hi”. It was so strange.

She had a sale on September 15th, thanks Keyka Lou for the heads up. Somehow I actually remembered and popped online to fill out the little request form. Apparently she sold out in 2 hours last year so I figured it must be good stuff and I was going to be part of it. So I filled out a form and said I’d like odds/ends/scraps to have fun with. Somehow something went wonky with my form, hence her phone call.

So Heather says, “There’s a problem with your address on this form. It starts out with a house number and street name and then it says blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah California”.

“Oh” I said, “well that’s strange. Wait, it actually says ‘blahblahblah’?” I ask.

“Yes” she replies. Then she told me how her wonderful assistant was talking to her from behind his computer and said to her, “Hey this address is weird it says blahblahblahblah. . . ” and Heather said something like “Can you read what it really says? I might be able to help if I know what it actually says” Then he told her that was in fact what it said.

Guess there was something silly going on with the form, maybe because I said Ontario, Canada or something. I have been tired lately but I’m pretty sure, as I told her, that I didn’t actually type 12 blahs into the form. Good thing the phone number field worked. Now I realize I was on the phone with someone kinda famous, fabrics, cool items and books. She makes cool stuff.

Now to await my fun package!