100th post, the end.

81.  Twitter is still a bit of a mystery to me.

82.  Collecting fonts is lots of fun, thanks Fonts for Peas.

83.  Some things sell better in person rather than online, especially soft cuddly things.

84.  Sometimes making your own _____ is more meaningful and fun than buying it.

85.  Hot topic is a good place for goofy laptop stickers.

86.  Changing a bobbin seems to really slow you down.

87.  Birdcages and little birds are cute.

88.  Embroidery can be cool.  Thanks for the freebies, and the purchases.

89.  Online swaps are a lot of work, but really fun when your package arrives.

90.  My life would be easier with a Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot.

91.  I like Dainty Squid‘s blog.  I like her is easy, I just have to open my ‘note to self’ email every time to remember how.

93.  BFF’s support you and buy your stuff.

94.  Brainstorming with other people generates amazing results.

95.  You need a day off, even from doing what you love.

96.  Travel fuels creativity.

97.  Never write a post listing 100 things.  It’s harder than you think.

98.  Keep Calm at all times.

99.  Sleeping less can make me happier if I’m using that awake time wisely.

100.  Writing your 100th post happens quicker than you think ;)

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