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100th post, the end.

81.  Twitter is still a bit of a mystery to me.

82.  Collecting fonts is lots of fun, thanks Fonts for Peas.

83.  Some things sell better in person rather than online, especially soft cuddly things.

84.  Sometimes making your own _____ is more meaningful and fun than buying it.

85.  Hot topic is a good place for goofy laptop stickers.

86.  Changing a bobbin seems to really slow you down.

87.  Birdcages and little birds are cute.

88.  Embroidery can be cool.  Thanks for the freebies, and the purchases.

89.  Online swaps are a lot of work, but really fun when your package arrives.

90.  My life would be easier with a Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot.

91.  I like Dainty Squid‘s blog.  I like her is easy, I just have to open my ‘note to self’ email every time to remember how.

93.  BFF’s support you and buy your stuff.

94.  Brainstorming with other people generates amazing results.

95.  You need a day off, even from doing what you love.

96.  Travel fuels creativity.

97.  Never write a post listing 100 things.  It’s harder than you think.

98.  Keep Calm at all times.

99.  Sleeping less can make me happier if I’m using that awake time wisely.

100.  Writing your 100th post happens quicker than you think ;)

100th post part 4

61.  Family members join fan pages because they love.

62.  Collage art work is so fun, like here at Cabin and Cub.

63.  People want to feature me because I’m so cool!  Thanks One Artsy Momma.

64.  The internet is bad (good?) for my tote and bag addiction.  Thanks Kimmykingsbury and Hot Butter.

65.  Other bloggers are friendly and helpful!

66.  Happy mail is super awesome fun.

67.  WordPress is pretty easy to use.  Except for the HTML part.

68.  My hubby doesn’t like programming for me late at night.

69. Multitasking has become my friend.

70.  Watching Lost distracts from writing blog posts.

71. When you talk about doing what you love the people listening get inspired too.

72. Your hobby can get even more fun as you share it with others.

73.  Getting featured when you’re away at Christmas at a resort with no internet stinks.  Thanks for the link Sew Mama Sew!

74.  I can share my creations with people who appreciate it more than my husband, toddler, baby and cats.

75.  Vintage Dick and Jane readers are harder to find than you think.

76.  My phone headseat is super handy for crafting.

77.  Apparently changing from a 2 column layout to a 3 with is tricky.

78.  Getting an email that someone commented on your blog is a little thrill.

79.  Ringing phones distract from writing blog posts.

80.  I’ve never used so much thread in my life.

100th post part 3

41. Mentioning to your handy with wood working friend you need a display pays off, thank you Derek.

42.  Blogging is addictive.

43 & 44 Canadian girls are awesome!  Thanks for all your answers, teaching and neat ideas LA.  Vintage is so fun, Jill makes it so.

45. Home decor is funner when you can make it all yourself.

46.  Sometimes it can be surprising what a person can suffer and how positive and inspirational they can be, thank you for your blog NieNie.

48.  Shopping online is waaaay to easy.

49.  My hubby is happy I have someones elses to talk to about crafts.

50.  Word of mouth is great exposure.

51.  Unique gifts are always a hit.

52.  The people at MOO rock!

53.  Maintaining an internet presence take a lot of work.

54. Posting pictures of my face and body didn’t kill me.

55. An RSS feed can eat up a lot of  time.

56.  Giveaways are fun.

57. An iphone is super useful.

58. Ephemera is a word I have no idea how to say.

59.  Thrifting doesn’t make me weird.  All the cool kids are doing it.

60.  I can craft with small children underfoot (just not well sometimes)

100th post part 2

21. The nice ladies at Michael’s recognize me.

22. My sewing book library is expanding.

23. People are coming to me for advice on crafty things.

24. I want to learn to knit (again).

25. My little corner of the basement is getting used on an almost daily basis.

26. There are a lot of creative amazing people out there.

27. Age is irrelevant when you have an idea you are passionate about, way to go Taylah.

28. Getting a table at a craft show is exciting.

29. Creating to stock a table at a craft show is draining.

30. Wireless headphones and entire seasons of shows make crafting more enjoyable.

31. I can sleep a lot less than I used to.

32. Yoga pants attract thread. Especially black pants.

33. Free fabric is good fabric.

34. Having a photographer friend comes in handy, thank you so much Joanna!

35. Rotary cutters are very sharp.

36. Making a pattern takes a lot of brain power.

37. When you do what you love you have more energy.

38. Shipping to Canada is usually expensive if it’s ‘international’

39. A bag of scrap ribbon is so much more fun and awesome than it sounds.

40. Photo editing can be easy and fun, thanks Picnik.

100th post!!!! Oh my.

I cannot believe I’ve gotten to my 100th post already!  It’s so exciting.

In honour of this awesome event I’d like to list 100 awesome things about having this blog!  Oh, and have some celebratory cheesecake. So as not to overwhelm you all with a giant list of all 100 today let’s break it up over the next few days shall we?  Here’s 1-20.

1. I create often.

2. I get to share what I create.

3.  Here and there I get to teach what I create.

4.  I’ve discovered some amazing sites to learn even more about creating like oneprettything

5.  I’ve got fans who aren’t friends or family!

6, 7, & 8.  I took some awesome online classes thanks to the RedVelvetArt girls, Style School, Indie 2.0 and Tell Your Story.

9.  I won something online, a spot in a class!  Finally Easter, thanks Stina!

10.  I’ve expanded my fabric stash.

11.  I learned about Joann’s and AC Moore’s.

12.  I’ve made a few trips across the border.

13.  My typing skills have improved, sort of.

14.  I learned to proofread more carefully – Popple not Poople.

15. Wesley has fun crafting with me.

16. I’ve discovered some great family fun blogs like Frugal Family Fun Blog.

17. My 1st Mother’s day gift, my sewing machine, is getting tons of use.

18.  Some ‘destined for the landfill’ juice pouches have a new destiny because of me.

19.  I’ve learned more about Etsy.

20.  Going to the art store is awesome. I’d forgotten what it’s like.