100th post part 2

21. The nice ladies at Michael’s recognize me.

22. My sewing book library is expanding.

23. People are coming to me for advice on crafty things.

24. I want to learn to knit (again).

25. My little corner of the basement is getting used on an almost daily basis.

26. There are a lot of creative amazing people out there.

27. Age is irrelevant when you have an idea you are passionate about, way to go Taylah.

28. Getting a table at a craft show is exciting.

29. Creating to stock a table at a craft show is draining.

30. Wireless headphones and entire seasons of shows make crafting more enjoyable.

31. I can sleep a lot less than I used to.

32. Yoga pants attract thread. Especially black pants.

33. Free fabric is good fabric.

34. Having a photographer friend comes in handy, thank you so much Joanna!

35. Rotary cutters are very sharp.

36. Making a pattern takes a lot of brain power.

37. When you do what you love you have more energy.

38. Shipping to Canada is usually expensive if it’s ‘international’

39. A bag of scrap ribbon is so much more fun and awesome than it sounds.

40. Photo editing can be easy and fun, thanks Picnik.

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