100th post part 4

61.  Family members join fan pages because they love.

62.  Collage art work is so fun, like here at Cabin and Cub.

63.  People want to feature me because I’m so cool!  Thanks One Artsy Momma.

64.  The internet is bad (good?) for my tote and bag addiction.  Thanks Kimmykingsbury and Hot Butter.

65.  Other bloggers are friendly and helpful!

66.  Happy mail is super awesome fun.

67.  WordPress is pretty easy to use.  Except for the HTML part.

68.  My hubby doesn’t like programming for me late at night.

69. Multitasking has become my friend.

70.  Watching Lost distracts from writing blog posts.

71. When you talk about doing what you love the people listening get inspired too.

72. Your hobby can get even more fun as you share it with others.

73.  Getting featured when you’re away at Christmas at a resort with no internet stinks.  Thanks for the link Sew Mama Sew!

74.  I can share my creations with people who appreciate it more than my husband, toddler, baby and cats.

75.  Vintage Dick and Jane readers are harder to find than you think.

76.  My phone headseat is super handy for crafting.

77.  Apparently changing from a 2 column layout to a 3 with is tricky.

78.  Getting an email that someone commented on your blog is a little thrill.

79.  Ringing phones distract from writing blog posts.

80.  I’ve never used so much thread in my life.

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