Friday Find – mmmmmm cupcakes!

My bestest friend ever is getting married in a month (minus a day) and they’re having cupcakes instead of cake!! How cool is that?

So, even though it was really, really tough we let her bring over 4 different cupcakes for us to sample and give our opinions on which ones deserved the privilege of being eaten at her wedding.  They’re from a cute little shop in Toronto called The Cupcake Shoppe. Each cupcake has it’s own fun little name and they taste absolutely incredible! Their site says they offers a total of 17 nut-free flavours, with nine available in-store everyday. They have some awesome sounding flavours, I think I NEED to go to taste the Creamsicle one and the After Ate, I’m a sucker for minty things.

They also asked us to take some artsy photos of their rings stuck in the cupcakes just for fun. I handed that job over to my hubby since he knows the camera better than I do. They turned out great and I think they’d make great thank you cards!

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