The Great Kitchen makeover, in progress since February 2008.

Wow, I know things have been going on for a while here, but I didn’t realize that long of a while!  We bought our house in June 2007.  The day we moved in my hubby smashed out the ‘breakfast bar’ that was quite hideous and only had ugly poles that were drilled into the floor (through the ceiling in the basement).  It took up an insane amount of space in our kitchen and had these high bar stool thingies that just didn’t fit what we wanted or leave room for our nice big table.

I had photos of our home inspection which would show a complete before but I guess I deleted them after I scrapbooked them, silly me.  So instead I have these shots that just happen to be in the kitchen, hence the kid, cat, hubby . . . travel around and behold the beauty!

2008 – First one we purchased ourselves a nice big new fridge and a lovely dishwasher, delivery day was Valentine’s day, how sweet. Then on March break I got inspired and set to work painting the walls. I even added some panelling and a chair rail, yeah, I got fancy. Then, I believe it was a lovely May 24 weekend, I recruited my two friends to come sand and refinish the cupboards. I was early with child and easily pooped out so I needed a crew. Instead of hanging out while the ladies worked my hubby bought a shed (I think I made him sorta) and the men set to work assembling it. We were done the removal, sanding, priming and painting of the kitchen cabinets and cupboard doors around the same time 5 men finished assembling a shed. Then the kitchen sat for a while. There was plywood over the dishwasher when we moved in so we had added some IKEA cutting boards to fill the gap, which they did but it wasn’t ideal. My handy uncle was visiting that summer from BC and even though on vacation from his job of building houses took time out to replace our icky metal tan door with a beautiful bright white one.
Christmas 2009 and my mom announces our gift is a new kitchen counter!
May 2010 we actually get around to having it installed! I also got us a nice little pantry for beside the fridge and got rid of that cluttered garbage can corner. So happy with it all, thanks Mommy :)

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