Friday Find – Dress a day with the wonderful Marisa

So a fan/friend Heather gave me a bag of fabric the other day, people are starting to do that, it’s great!  So she dropped it off and I started to sort through the pile.

There were some fun finds inside, including this fabric that made me and my bff had a big chuckle over this funky striped one.  Until Heather informed us she made shorts out of it back in the day!

So we kept sifting through the pieces of fabric and I was sorting into ‘keep’ and ‘donate’ piles, and then I reached in and pulled this little beauty out!  It’s so horrible!  It’s a silky shimmery thing and it was pretty hideous.  We couldn’t really figured out how the front would hang, I’m not sure it’s 100% complete, there seem to be some unfinished edges.

After getting over the initial shock of how remarkably icky it was I thought of New Dress a Day, which I’ve recently subscribed to.  Marissa has decided for 365 days she will create a new item of clothing from a thrifted item, all for the grand price tag of $365.   She does some really amazing things.  Some of her ‘finds’ I would just walk by as fast as possible.  Here’s one of her recent creations.

Starting with that she creates these 2 awesome pieces!

So I sent her an email and offered her the challenge of modifying the hideous dress I found in a gift bag of fabric.  She accepted and yesterday I was off to the post office and mailed her a big envelope full of ugly dressness!  Have fun Marissa.

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