Craft swap fun!

So I worked really really hard to get all of my pincushions done, even worked on them while the hairdresser and make up lady were getting us ready for the wedding last Saturday. I’m being inpatient and sharing now.

The swap is run by Amanda. I headed out last Monday with my box squished with 16 pincushions to mail them far, far away to Colorado. The nice man at the post office had icky news. To get the package to her before the weekend it was going to cost just under $60. Technically it was due to her on Wednesday! I could use the 5 day option for $25. It was a sad, sad day.

Luckily Amanda took pity on me, and some other people facing similar problems and extended the deadline nto the end of the month! Now I can send my cute little goodies for less than a zillion dollars. AND I’ll get a nice and fun box full of 16 camp themed goodies in the mail! It’s going to be so fun.

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