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Today I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. There’s a great little tea shop near where I live, Cup of Tea Bakery and Cafe. They do loose teas, organic and gluten free baking and free trade coffees. My friend Joanna displays her photography there from time to time and ages ago she had suggested I take some cup cozies over and see if they’d sell them in the shop. Today I finally did just that.

Since I’ve been building stock for my shop and upcoming shows, and the whole madness of being linked numerous times in September has worn off I actually have a nice little stash of product ready to go. I ran over straight from work, regretting on the way that I was in my ‘gym teacher’ outfit. I started my little pitch and pulled out my stash of cozies and Nichole immediately started sifting through them. Then she said, “How about I buy 12 of them from you right now?”. I was a bit shocked, I was expecting to show them to her and then we’d work something out and I’d come back with them later, maybe all nicely tagged. Instead there I was as she made a little pile of 12 that she liked. In my shock I said “Oh” instead of something much more savvy. But then she explained that with the holidays coming they’d be a great stocking stuffer, and I couldn’t argue with that. I feel so great that I can do some local business, get my cozies out there and help the earth a little.

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