On second thought . . .

I was driving alone in the car the other day, a rarity, and I realized maybe I’ve been to hard on myself. I’ve felt pretty unproductive since school let out. I had high expectations that I would be able to catch up on things, and get the To Dos to done and set some things into motion that are still only just ideas. July is almost over and I don’t feel that I’ve caught up, or gotten ahead.

Then driving I started to think how it was a year ago, almost exactly, when my shop went viral for a pillow I made mostly as a joke. I spent August recovering from that.

Then on labour day weekend things got insane again for my Caffienating cup cozy. I spent the fall and winter recovering from that.

And I realized all the things I’ve accomplished in the past year.

– I balanced being a mom, teacher and crafty blogger/shop owner
– I survived hundreds of sales in my shop & been on the front page of Etsy
– I’ve learned how to screen print (from building a screen to washing out ink with my self made ‘pressure washer’)
– my mad self taught sewing skills have grown a bunch
– I’ve started taking much better photos, thank you natural light
– I edit photos in the blink of an eye, thank you Picnik (take that winter in Canada with few hours a day of sunlight!)
– I’ve introduced myself to Photoshop and we’re getting to know each other
– I own a 1″ button machine and know how to use it
– I’ve made new friends at my local postal office, fabric stores, online and in person

So I think really, I’m not doing too bad after all.

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  1. You are doing great! You are an inspiration to all the crafty moms out there. You have accomplished so much and I know you’ll keep going at your own pace!

  2. Im happy for you that you have made so many goals! I hope I will have the same soon :D
    I love your fabrics;o

  3. You’re doing wonderful! Great post. Its inspiring to see other people be proud of their accomplishments!

  4. Sounds like you are doing fantastic to me!

  5. Wow, You have accomplished loads of things! Congrats to you and your productivity!

  6. Donna Howell

    Great blog! I love your cozy! Visiting from Wild Olive and I am glad I did.

  7. Heard about the giveaway at Wild Olive. I’m a fan. :)


  8. Julie Foster

    I just wanted to visit, I came from Wild Olive. I love the “So Intense” pillow.

  9. congrats on all you’ve accomplished! Love the rainbow pillow- we’ve been a bit obsessed with rainbows in our mixed media artwork lately! thanks for being a part of the giveaway!

  10. Wow, you are what I am trying to achieve! Thank you for reminding me that it can be done!

  11. I found this really inspiring, thanks for sharing!

  12. Iv been a follower of your blog for awhile and I was linked over from Wild Olive! And I just love your creations :)

  13. Keep thinking positive thoughts, congrats on all your success!

  14. Just stopping over from Wild Olive’s blog…

  15. I came over from Wild Olive, I have to say the cup cozy absolutely the coolest.

  16. The Wild Olive sent me here…just in time to say, “Hooray for you!”

    The advice I sometimes give my nieces is, “What would you say to someone else in your position?”. Almost invariably, the answer is that they would be encouraging, supportive, and find many thing to praise. The same is true here. Hooray for you!

  17. Wow, I’m impressed with your accomplishments in just a year! I’m visiting from Wild Olive, and I think I might hang around for a while :)

  18. I love your cup cozy too- so easy to relate to the message.

  19. tara, i love your cozies. i still use mine i won from wild olive giveaway last year (i <3 t). love it!

  20. I’m visiting from Wild Olive and am impressed too! But I admit it…I don’t get the “So Intense” pillow. Maybe if I click on the link I’ll find the backstory? Lol. Anyway it’s cute even if I’m too uncool to get the reference. That happens to me a lot in life.

  21. Absolutely, you’ve been productive! I wish I had accomplished half as much as you! I’m over from Wild Olive, but I was already a fan–bought my bestie the “Daydreaming” coffee cozy for her birthday and she loved it. :)
    Thanks for providing so much inspiration!

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  23. Wow. You are so talented! I’ve seen your stuff everywhere! I think this might be one of my new favorite blogs! :D

  24. I agree – you are doing great!

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