Scrap swap my friends?

Ok I think it’s that time again.

I’m totally ready, in fact I’ve already got 2 little packages of scraps and goodies all sealed and ready to go! Now I just need people to send them to. Been doing some summer sewing? Have a pile of scraps?

Soooooo leave your name here, make sure there’s an email address/blog/contact info and I’ll find you a buddy.

I’ll leave the sign ups open until Friday night, August 12th, and then I’ll match us all up and let you know Saturday who you’re partner is.

The keep everyone happy guidelines:

– scraps must measure at least 2 inches by 2 inches, there is no maximum size but it is supposed to help you destash your scrap bin so sending fat quarters probably won’t help with that.
– scraps must be clean, and in usable condition
– scraps can be new fabric or vintage reclaimed pieces
– fabrics should be of relatively the same weight (cotton preferred) to allow for quilting, or mixing with other fabrics and use in the same project
– be ready to send 10-ish ounces to your partner by Monday August 22nd

Feel free to add some other goodies or random items if you wish. Check out blogs or shops to get to know your partner, send an email and be friends, most importantly have fun!

Sign up below!

12 Responses to Scrap swap my friends?

  1. this is a very interesting swap, I have never patricipaded in this kind of one.. but i really don’t understand how much scraps (pieces of fabric, yes?) I would have to send?? I want to know because I don’t want to send less than my partner!

  2. I have never participated in one of these either but I would LOVE to. Is it okay if I send my partner their scraps earlier than the 22nd? I’m due in a couple of weeks :)

  3. it doesn’t matter how many scraps it’s the weight that’s important. It’s also meant to help you get rid of some of those pieces you have lying around so sending 1 big piece that weighs 10 oz doesn’t really fit the spirit of the thing. If you have a little food scale, that’s how I measure mine out, you can just keep adding to the pile until it hits 10 ounces!
    I know when I do these I’m just happy to get some fun new to me fabric, if it’s not something I’ll use I swap it later or share it with someone. It’s all about the fun of the swap!

  4. Ok! I’m in :) I just didn’t know how much is 1 ounce;p but I have checked;p Good it is the 22nd August because now I’m going on short holidays!


  5. Count me in Tara! The last 2 swaps were so much fun! Hope you feel better. I am feeling a bit ick myself.

  6. Sounds like lots of fun! I have lots of cute kawaii fabric that I can swap!

  7. YESYES please!! Lovelovelove these!!! Sign me up!!


  8. Count me in too! Just had a little tidy up of my fabrics so plenty of scraps to swap!

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  10. Oh my goodness Tara,
    I so thought that I already left you a comment, anyway, I would love to join your swap, actually because I thought I had, I was getting stuff together!!
    So excited for my partner! Maybe it will be you, I also live in Durham region…cheap postage or meet IRL…haha!
    Thanks…I just discovered you and I am in love!!

  11. Oh no! I just found your blog and missed out on this fun swap. I hope you do it again soon!

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