1,2,3 Mabel’s Labels giveaway Day 2!

Okie, so I fancily wrote everyone’s name on a little slip of paper and tossed them into an empty plastic green strawberry basket and pulled out Laura C’s name! Congrats Laura, looks like Chrissy can at least have her things returned to her should she lose them!

That means today my friends, is the day to enter if you have 2 little special people in your life who could use an awesome Canadian made personalized product to label some of their very important stuff! Have 3 important little people in your life? Uhhh, come back tomorrow then.

Please head over to Mabel’s Labels and leave me a message letting me know the names of your 2 little people and what colours/designs you would like!

Giveaway closed at midnight when I pick the lucky winner!

Also, if you happen to sew or craft at all today is the last day to sign up for my fabric scrap swap, come play!

5 Responses to 1,2,3 Mabel’s Labels giveaway Day 2!

  1. Wow thank you Tara! I can’t wait to tell Chrissy when I get home from work tonight :)

  2. Well, congrats to Laura! Today I am excited to be able to include both my kids, heh heh! So I would choose
    Green monster for Isaac
    Dinosaur for Felix!

    Great fun, thanks for the giveaway!
    nancebagance at yahoo dot ca

  3. Sage -Ocean Blue/ dinosaur
    Ava- Hot Pink/ princess

    these are really cool. I am now back to try for the two packs! Congrats to laura! Crossing fingers I get to win this one.. will definately keep their stuff seperated on car trips and around the house :)


  4. Heather Boutcher

    OK – I’ll enter for the girls today!
    Hannah – purple owl
    Cece – pink heart
    Thanks Tara – I love your little giveaways!

  5. Elise : Purple “Owl”
    Ren: Aqua and Black “space”
    Thanks for the cool give away! :)

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