1, 2, 3, Mabel’s labels giveaway!

Hello there, so here’s my first venture into the world of a video blog. I figured I’d make it a fun giveaway and that way people won’t notice the silliness. Please excuse the over use of the word “um”, I did 2 takes and it didn’t get any better so, um, oh well.

Here’s the link to Mabel’s Labels so you can see all their nifty products. Here’s where you go to design your own Loot Bag Combo Builder, it shows you a proof right there.

Remember today’s winner gets 1 set of personalized labels and a Tag Mate. This is open to everyone world wide. Please only enter once.

***OOOPS There was some technical difficulty loading this video yesterday so I had to work around what I had planned. Soooo the giveaway was bumped a day (I don’t have a nice quiet house to re-shoot). When I say “Friday” is the last day, it’s now Saturday. Sorry about that***

Leave your comments below and good luck!

11 Responses to 1, 2, 3, Mabel’s labels giveaway!

  1. How cool! Love these. I’ve never seen them before.

  2. This would be great!

  3. Gotta wait till tomorrow! I have two little beasts ;)

  4. Since I can’t make up my mind right now I am going to put down both my choices then pick one if I win ;)
    Sage -Ocean Blue/ dinosaur
    Ava- Hot Pink/ princess

    these are really cool. If I don’t win the single pack I will be back to try for the two pack and 3 packs ;)


  5. Lindsay Clemente

    These are my favorite!

  6. This is pretty sweet!! My son Jesse would LOVE to have more things with his name on it!!! The Shark is pretty sweet so it the train :) I would love to win the single, double or triple…these make AMAZING Gifts!!


  7. Awesome idea!

  8. Great Idea for back to school! I work in a toddler room and wish all the parents would use these :)
    I’m putting my name in for just Chrissy who hates losing things.
    She would like the dog graphic if she wins :)

  9. Heather Boutcher

    I’m so confused – I don’t know which day to enter! LOL
    As always Tara, I love your blog.
    Cece – pink Heart
    Hannah – purple owl

  10. They need scarier dinos! But my junior paleantologist, Thomas, would be all over the dinos in red (or any colour for that matter).
    Very cool site.

  11. Love mabels labels!! I can’t get enough of them!! I would choose the monster for my son Isaac! And I will enter again for the others so I can include my other son….shhh, don’t tell him that he isn’t included today! Ha ha! Great vlog!!