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Back to school prep

I have a bit of a Mabel’s Label’s addiction.

Just a little one. I have oodles for the kids and I have some ‘Mrs K’ ones for school. They’re super awesome, they stick to anything and our 13 letter last name fits, even with first names!

Nate starts JK this year, the all day everyday program. Aside from it being absolutely mind blowing that my kids will both be in school all day, I’m a bit worries about how Nate will do since his birthday is December 23rd, but I suppose he’ll cope. It’s going to be an interesting first week of school around here. I’m usually pretty pooped that first week and then the kids will be going full days for the first time. I think there are going to be lots of quiet evenings around here that week.

Anyhow back to the reason for this post, so I was tagging the boys shoes and I did a whole ‘right is red’ thing for Nate since I have blue and red shoe labels for him. They sell some Preschool Shoe labels now, but since I have a stash I was just working with what I have in a fun way. I also bought and tagged some cointaners for them to use. It’s going to be a HUGE adjustment to make 2 lunches and 4 snacks . . . *sigh*

I also married all my Mabel’s Labels into one of the fun little zip locks they come in and then I’ve kept the rest for all that trip money and other fun stuff that will need to be sent in this year. I also keep all those bill return envelopes for that purpose too.

Oh hello again

I think I’ve been having some trouble getting out of ‘cottage’ mode. I apologize. Here’s the winner of the 3 Mabel’s Labels tag mates and stickers.

Here’s a play by play of the very technical choosing. I think I interrupted something.

“Hey Nate can you help Mommy?”


“Pick a piece of paper please”

“This one Mommy”

Annnnnd back to playing.

The whole thing took about 10 seconds. Congrats to Nancy for winning the Mabel’s Labels day 3 giveaway.

1, 2, 3, Mabel’s Labels giveaway day 3.

Well I’m sad that today is the last day of my fun Mabel’s Labels giveaway. Today is the day to enter if you have 3 little people in your life who could use some amazing personalized labels for some of their very “I don’t want to lose it” stuff! I also have to say that yesterday’s winner is Heather! Cece and Hannah are going to look quite smashing going back to school in style.

This has been so much fun and I’d like to thank the lovely people at Mabel’s Labels for working with me to ship the items straight to the winners, honestly, this company/product is awesome!

Please head over to Mabel’s Labels and leave me a message letting me know the names of your 2 little people and what colours/designs you would like!

Once again, the giveaway closes at midnight when I pick the lucky winner!

1,2,3 Mabel’s Labels giveaway Day 2!

Okie, so I fancily wrote everyone’s name on a little slip of paper and tossed them into an empty plastic green strawberry basket and pulled out Laura C’s name! Congrats Laura, looks like Chrissy can at least have her things returned to her should she lose them!

That means today my friends, is the day to enter if you have 2 little special people in your life who could use an awesome Canadian made personalized product to label some of their very important stuff! Have 3 important little people in your life? Uhhh, come back tomorrow then.

Please head over to Mabel’s Labels and leave me a message letting me know the names of your 2 little people and what colours/designs you would like!

Giveaway closed at midnight when I pick the lucky winner!

Also, if you happen to sew or craft at all today is the last day to sign up for my fabric scrap swap, come play!

1, 2, 3, Mabel’s labels giveaway!

Hello there, so here’s my first venture into the world of a video blog. I figured I’d make it a fun giveaway and that way people won’t notice the silliness. Please excuse the over use of the word “um”, I did 2 takes and it didn’t get any better so, um, oh well.

Here’s the link to Mabel’s Labels so you can see all their nifty products. Here’s where you go to design your own Loot Bag Combo Builder, it shows you a proof right there.

Remember today’s winner gets 1 set of personalized labels and a Tag Mate. This is open to everyone world wide. Please only enter once.

***OOOPS There was some technical difficulty loading this video yesterday so I had to work around what I had planned. Soooo the giveaway was bumped a day (I don’t have a nice quiet house to re-shoot). When I say “Friday” is the last day, it’s now Saturday. Sorry about that***

Leave your comments below and good luck!