1, 2, 3, Mabel’s Labels giveaway day 3.

Well I’m sad that today is the last day of my fun Mabel’s Labels giveaway. Today is the day to enter if you have 3 little people in your life who could use some amazing personalized labels for some of their very “I don’t want to lose it” stuff! I also have to say that yesterday’s winner is Heather! Cece and Hannah are going to look quite smashing going back to school in style.

This has been so much fun and I’d like to thank the lovely people at Mabel’s Labels for working with me to ship the items straight to the winners, honestly, this company/product is awesome!

Please head over to Mabel’s Labels and leave me a message letting me know the names of your 2 little people and what colours/designs you would like!

Once again, the giveaway closes at midnight when I pick the lucky winner!

11 Responses to 1, 2, 3, Mabel’s Labels giveaway day 3.

  1. Heather Boutcher

    YEAH! Thanks so much Tara. This is very exciting. H

  2. Sage -Ocean Blue/ dinosaur
    Ava- Hot Pink/ princess
    Hayden- Ocean Blue/ shark
    Third times the charm, right?? lol
    Congrats to laura & Heather! Crossing fingers I get to win this one.. will definately keep their stuff seperated at school for Hayden, on car trips and around the house for Sage and Ava. Hope this is my lucky try!!! ;)


  3. Hannah–heart in turquoise
    Jayden–racecar in blue
    Lexi–butterfly in purple
    This is perfect, something for each of my 3 grandkids.

  4. What a cool contest!
    Zivah -Purple/Butterfly
    Gabriella – Pink/Heart
    Sofia – Blue/Flower

    Thank You for the opportunity to solve the never ending “belonging retrival and wretling match”!!! Keeping everything crossed!

  5. Cole – skull and cross bones in ocean blue
    Faith – ballerina in raspberry
    Zach – racecar in green


    Who doesn’t love some great labels!!!!

  6. Jamie – sharks in blue
    Charlie – dinosaurs in green
    Rachel – princess in raspberry

    (I just made those up. Do they exist?)

  7. Rachel’s last name is Kennedy, not Blake…

  8. I’m crossing my fingers
    Isaac-green monster

    This giveaway is so fun!! Thanks again!
    nancebagance at yahoo dot ca

  9. Antionette Payne

    Thomas – red dinosaur
    Mrs. Payne – yellow sunshine
    Payne – red dinosaur

    Have a fantastic day!

  10. Amber – Pink Lemonade / Butterfly
    Nate – Blue Steel / Fish
    Joshua – Blue Steel / Fish

  11. These tags are such a great idea!!

    Skye – Music note/ Teal
    Grace – Peace sign/ Teal
    Mya – Magic Wand/ Raspberry

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