Scrap buddies get your stash ready

Once again using a high tech system I have matched everyone up with a partner. Here you go ladies, emails to follow.

Nancy & Sara
Nadine & Stephanie
Tara & Taylor

Ok now, the numbers didn’t really work out so I had to round robin the last 3 names.
Nicole giving to Joanna
Joanna giving to Alfa
Alfa giving to Nicole

Tara & Sierra (kinda sorta swapping)

Please contact your partner and get their address. Feel free to share any other details that might help in making up a package. Remember it has to have 10 ounces of fabric, any other fun stuff is totally optional. Feel free to link up in my Flickr group when you get your stash and especially if you make a something with your new found fabrics.

Also, I’m really, really sick right now, some sort of evil plague flu thingie. If I’ve made a mistake please let me know. I’ve double checked things but my double checking abilities aren’t so hot right now.

Thanks for playing!

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