Well we usually do this travel-don’t travel cycle over the Holidays. We’ve kept it up for a while US, home, England/Portugal, home, home (Nate was born December 23rd), England/Spain, home and now this year will be Belize!

The terrible bit is our flight leaves on December 23rd at 6am and so we have to be awake at ridiculous o’clock. Making traveling with a 5 and newly 3 year old less fun than it would have been!

However, that said, while I’m enjoying some hopefully nice warm sunny weather I’m not sure what sort of internet connection I will have and I could use some guest posts!! I usually don’t post on the weekend so that means I need 5 people to be brave and send me some fun posts. It could be about the holiday aftermath, new year plans, recipies, goals/resolutions, whatever, just something fun so tumble weeds don’t blow through my blog while I’m away.

Let me know if you’re interested, if you haven’t already.

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