Please, meet some lovely ladies.

Here’s a little bit about this month’s sponsors, I also asked everyone what they were pumped about for 2012.

Meet Vanessa!

I share a bit of everything on my blog. . .sewing tutorials, photo tips, digital freebies, pattern reviews, giveaways, etc. I’ve also got my etsy shop, {lbg studio}, where I sell stuff like camera strap covers, accessories, and sewing patterns.

My biggest goal for this year….to publish more sewing patterns! It’s a lot of work but pretty rewarding when it’s all said and done. I also want to continue working on my photography skills because I just can’t seem to put my camera down and continue to work on improving the ol’ blog.

Check out the shop and her boards on Pinterest.

Here’s Brianna!

The One Year Lease is a repository for the things that inspire me and bring me joy in life- art, photography, crafts, food, and, most of all, my family. Life is full of incredible moments. I hope to capture as many of them as possible.

Last year was such an amazing year with our daughter finally joining our family that I can’t imagine 2012 will be able to hold a candle. Still, with so many possibilities in the world, I am looking forward to finding adventure with our little family in the year to come.

Say hello to Katrina!

My name is Katrina Nixon a born & bred Londoner who as described in the words of my fiance a super hyper eccentric, fabulous vintage loving dudette!!! I would have to add who LOVES dresses & fashion in general, sewing, Tea and Cake :) My little blog is all about sharing the things I love with like minded people.
I started my blog in May 2011 as a way of sharing things I like & talking about things I love which of course includes fashion, high street & Vintage. I also love sewing and once I have completed my dissertation in May 2012; I definitely will be posting more projects.
I have met some amazing people though it, I love the community online, everyone is really nice. I have some up coming projects which I am working on with a fellow blogger, I can’t wait to share as soon as details are confirmed.
The event I am looking forward to the most is 2012 is my wedding :)!!! YAY!!!
The venue is booked, the dress is purchased… now all I need is a Fiance :) ….only kidding I am marrying my best friend and boyfriend of 7years Roberto. So excited!

Check out her blog.

And Janee once again!

Yellow Bird + Yellow Beard is a place where I post my work and inspiration. It’s a creative outlet to keep me going. I hope you’ll come join me!

I’m looking forward to moving in June! Not sure where to yet though… EEE!

Check out her shop, Twitter and Facebook.

And of course it would be awesome to share some corner of my blog with you too! If you’re interested head over here for details.

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