Are two shops better than one?

I sort of fell into making my cup cozies. I love doing it, they’re silly and fun and I love making people laugh but I also like to make other things. I’ve got this growing stash of adorable fabrics and a hunger to try tons of patterns. I learn a little tip or trick with each one and I love trying something new. As a result I have a bunch of great coin purses, clutches, bags, various cozies and other things lying around.

When I added some of those things to my shop they just sit there. They get views, people <3 them but I never had anyone bite. I think selling bags or purses on Etsy is super tricky. There are so many people with awesome designs or awesome fabrics or awesomely designed bags made with awesome fabrics.

So instead I sell them in person. Initially I wanted an item I could sell in the cup cozy ‘off season’ so I could sit at craft tables in nice weather and meet other creative types. The funny part is many of the people in person fall in love with all my fabrics and accessories and usually ask me what the cup cozies are.

So does anyone juggle 2 online shops? Do they sell similar items? I feel like I’ve got dual personalities with such different items on the go. How do you drive traffic to your other shop?

For now I’ll just stick with my current system but I wanted to ponder out loud. Thanks for listening.

4 Responses to Are two shops better than one?

  1. I had the same dilemma when I added pouches to the cross stitches in my store, I decided to stick to one store but I kind of regret it, they’re such different items, maybe they deserve their own space? I don’t know, I wish I had a better answer for you!

  2. I wonder the same thing seeing as I have my photography side of things but I’ve been crafting more too.

  3. Wow, this is such a good topic to discuss. I’ve tried both ways of selling and I’ve seen that dedicated shops with lots of variety within the same category work better, but then again I’ve never managed to find success on Etsy, so don’t take my word on this.

    I also wanted to let you know that I gave you an award at my blog. It’s just to show some love, so don’t feel forced to follow the steps. I don’t want to spam anyone. ;)

  4. Maybe it’s not about having two shops, but finding a way to brand the shop so that it can encompass everything you create.

    I wouldn’t say cup cozies are all that different from coin purses or clutches. There’s tons of real life stores that get away with selling everything! Maybe you just need to put fun sayings inside your purses/bags too ;)

    Just my two cents anyway! You’re already getting all your traffic to your one Etsy site, I think it’s asking too much of a consumer to have to click through to another place to see more items.

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