Mollie Makes and Keyka Lou – some of my favourite ladies

Have you seen/read/held/drooled over an issue of Mollie Makes yet? I can’t even begin to tell you how great this magazine is! I have a digital subscription and the instant it arrives I plunge in. Sometimes I wish I had a physical copy to cut up and fill my space with inspiration, and then I think I couldn’t bear to cut it up. Great articles, fantastic photos and I always leave with a list of things to see/do. Here’s the little keyring from issue 11 I made. Once again, I changed things up a bit, but I assure you it started with their pattern. You can find the templates for each issue at their site.

Secondly, my favourite pattern maker has created a new camera pouch pattern and it’s really neat. It’s a super padded camera pouch in 4 different sizes that you can make following her quick and easy sewing pattern.

4 Responses to Mollie Makes and Keyka Lou – some of my favourite ladies

  1. Oh I love Mollie Makes. I live in the UK so I get the physical copy. I still have to make up that cute little kit.

    Also, I LOVE that camera bag pattern! I just have a sock for my camera, but that is so cute. I might need to buy it (mabye when my sewing patterns skills get a little better.)

  2. I love that camera pouch! Thanks for sharing, Amy Xxx

  3. Tara, I just became your new fan. You have a great write up in my favorite magazine, Mollie Makes. I love your creative designs and your sense of humor. I love your design on the babushka doll and that camera bag would fit my needs. Congrats again!

  4. LOVE Mollie Makes and Michelle from Keyka Lou! :) I’m so going to buy that pattern for the camera bag. :)

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