Sometimes . . .

when I’m buried in larger projects and I just want to make something fun start to finish I do just that.
The other day was one of those days, so I made these.

Technically I suppose Chewie should me much, much taller than R2 but hey, fingers only vary in size a teeny bit.

4 Responses to Sometimes . . .

  1. did you just do these? is there a pattern? they are so cute, and I know some boys (big and little!) who would love them!

  2. I just made it up. You had some hand in it! Seeing your Kermit finger puppet and then coming across someone’s Chewie plushie pattern gave me the idea.
    I soooo need to learn how to do graphics I could easily make a pattern if I knew that. Of course then I’d have to make Hans, and C3PO and . . .

  3. SUPER CUTE!!!

    You should share these with Peter Mayhew (the actor who played Chewbacca). He and his wife Angie (Love love love Angie) are always posting things people have made starring Chewie on their Facebook page.

  4. those are epic :)

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