Friday Create Along

Well a slight wrench was thrown into my Create Along plans for last week, in the form of salmonella poisoning. I’m still a bit grumpy that I sort of wasted a lovely 4 day weekend by battling illness.

Just a reminder I’m creating one ofthese using one of NapKitten‘s great patterns. It’s all cut out and in progress!

Soooo I’m a little too behind for a reveal. But I’ll forge ahead anyhow and launch into the next project all willy nilly!

I’d like to tackle this padded camera pouch from Keyka Lou. As a bonus all her patterns are on sale right now, to celebrate her 4 year anniversary as a pattern maker and seller. Congrats Michelle!

Designing, making and selling patterns is something I’m really interested in. I’ve got some things to learn first but I’m heading in the right direction by sewing up anything I can think of!

5 Responses to Friday Create Along

  1. Hope your better…
    Love your pattern in WO swap. You do some great things! Have a nice week-end!

  2. I agree that sewing anything and everything helps you learn how things go together, after awhile, it becomes instinctual and when you have an idea, you can put it together using that library of experience.

  3. These look awesome!

    I have only jsut started using a sewing machine and my first project requires me to sew curves! Do you ahve any tips for following a curved line?

    I may consider just scrapping it and startuing with something more managable but that would be a shame!

    Lisa :)

  4. I’ve used several of her patterns and love how easy they are!

  5. Oh don’t be scared, curves are pretty easy. Go slow is best.
    Then clip the curves before you turn your project. That really cuts down on the bulk. Keyka Lou has tons of really great sewing tips on her blog.

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