A new home for my sunglasses.

I love randomly making stuff. I was in my work space looking at a coin purse frame and had this little brainwave.

I really need to learn to draw these patterns out in a way to share/sell them.

I actually cut into a fat quarter Echino fabric I’ve had lying around forever.

My sunglasses fit in perfectly. I took it into work and some of the ladies I work with have sunglasses that are thicker when they’re all folded up, which was sad, but it works for me!

I even managed some fancy print placement.

I’ve got some others in the works, just have to get sewing those frames on.

7 Responses to A new home for my sunglasses.

  1. Thats awesome! was the frame hard to work with/close properly?

    looks great :)

    Barnicles x

  2. Hi Tara!! Thank you so much for coming by and visiting, and becoming my newest follower!! Yay, for new friends!! I love your new sunglass case!! I have always wanted to try those metal frames. Are they hard to sew on? Happy to be your newest follower!! ;) xo Heather

  3. Fabulous!! I absolutely LOVE working with purse frames! Great job ;-)

  4. Gorgeous Tara, I really love your sunglasses case!!

  5. These frames are a bit of work, it’s just time consuming and hard on the fingers to sew them. I haven’t used the glue in kind yet. I think it’s worth it for the look you get with the sew on ones. It works perfectly and keeps my sunglasses all safe and scratch free while they rattle around in my bag.

  6. I am seriously in need of one of those cases!!! But no time/patience to make one for myself. Yours looks great. :)

  7. I saw some cases like this in a few stores at the mall last week! I had no Idead how to make them, especially with that clasp! Was it really hard to work with?
    xo. Devin @ findingourhappy

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