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Another sunglass cozy.

I finally finished stitching on the frame for this fun sunglass cozy.

Well I intended for it to hold sunglasses but My iPhone fits perfectly, and you could put eye glasses in it too. I’m debating writing out the pattern and even making kits. I’ve got a few frames left but I’ll need to stock up on more.

The fabric is a fun piece of Japanese print I had lying around. I quilted around the square designs to make it look even more like a quilt.

A new home for my sunglasses.

I love randomly making stuff. I was in my work space looking at a coin purse frame and had this little brainwave.

I really need to learn to draw these patterns out in a way to share/sell them.

I actually cut into a fat quarter Echino fabric I’ve had lying around forever.

My sunglasses fit in perfectly. I took it into work and some of the ladies I work with have sunglasses that are thicker when they’re all folded up, which was sad, but it works for me!

I even managed some fancy print placement.

I’ve got some others in the works, just have to get sewing those frames on.

New product . . . finally.

I meant to have these done months ago, but turns out juggling motherhood, a job and a crafty business is a bit tricky! But better late than never. After getting the hang of sewing coin pouches with a pattern I purchased and ironing out the details on a pattern I tweaked to fit a larger frame I’m ready with some coin pouches made with vintage linens.

They’re relatively easy to sew. Attaching the frame is the tricky part. I did 2 and a half the other night while watching a movie and then had to stop because of sore fingers and a few broken needles. I think I’m super picky about the stitching being hidden on the inside so I’m taking my time and working really hard to keep it tidy looking on the inside.

I have a table at a craft show this Friday and Saturday and I’ll see how they do there. Hopefully I can get some more frames finished while I sit there and then they’ll be ready to star in my shop.