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Another sunglass cozy.

I finally finished stitching on the frame for this fun sunglass cozy.

Well I intended for it to hold sunglasses but My iPhone fits perfectly, and you could put eye glasses in it too. I’m debating writing out the pattern and even making kits. I’ve got a few frames left but I’ll need to stock up on more.

The fabric is a fun piece of Japanese print I had lying around. I quilted around the square designs to make it look even more like a quilt.

Miss me?

In my haste to get ready for my table today I didn’t post my Create Along, silly me.
But it’s probably a good thing because I’m not done my Cozy Blue creation anyway. I plan on working away on it while I sit today.

So reveal to come soon and here’s a fun quick tutorial for our next project. It’s from Noodlehead and I’ve had this page open in a tab for a while and my kids caught sight of it so now I’ve been nudged to making some.

Plus I’ve got loads of fun vehicle themed Japanese fabric lying around. Yeah, I have a problem.

Like I need another craft book!

I have a bunch already, and I’ve promised myself to make projects from each over the course of this year.  So really I shouldn’t be getting more.  Buuuut some money in my online account thanks to gift cards and a coupon and things on my wishlist that are now published . . . well it all added up to placing an order.  In the end I only paid $20 for 3 books, not a bad deal at all.  Click images for the blogs of these creative ladies.

They should be here for March 9th at the latest, so says the confirmation email.  Just in time for March break when I have all those days off!