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Miss me?

In my haste to get ready for my table today I didn’t post my Create Along, silly me.
But it’s probably a good thing because I’m not done my Cozy Blue creation anyway. I plan on working away on it while I sit today.

So reveal to come soon and here’s a fun quick tutorial for our next project. It’s from Noodlehead and I’ve had this page open in a tab for a while and my kids caught sight of it so now I’ve been nudged to making some.

Plus I’ve got loads of fun vehicle themed Japanese fabric lying around. Yeah, I have a problem.

My zakka style

I mentioned yesterday I got a copy of Zakka Style just before the holidays. So far it has been responsible for intriguing me enough to actually try making hexies (I had an idea for how to use them) and I managed to sneak this project in on Christmas day. You know, between the chaos of presents and packing and leaving for a trip, I had a few minutes to kill.

I wanted to take the book, my idea notebook and some pens with me on the trip. I couldn’t just take them in some silly plain old pencil case, I *had* to make this cute one. Plus that cute piece of fabric has been begging to be turned into something for quite a while.

My first zippered project!

I went downstairs last night to make something that was consuming my brain.  I did the usual, ‘oh I’ll just work through 1 show and then go to bed’ and as usual didn’t go to bed until hours later.  After completing enough to get my creation out of my head inspiration struck while looking at some of my new lovely fabric scraps.  Originally I wanted to attempt the boxy pouch but quickly realized none of my scraps were the right measurements.  So I ventured off on a journey to make a lined pencil case type thingie.  And boy did it turn out to be quite the journey!!

After much stitch ripping, brain scrambling and muttered potty mouth words I have a very sweet and cute Snow White zippered pouch!  I even got fancy and stitched one of my new labels into it.  Shout out to Jennifer for those wonderful little labels by the way.

I only had the one zipper, there was a trip to the fabric store this morning.