My zakka style

I mentioned yesterday I got a copy of Zakka Style just before the holidays. So far it has been responsible for intriguing me enough to actually try making hexies (I had an idea for how to use them) and I managed to sneak this project in on Christmas day. You know, between the chaos of presents and packing and leaving for a trip, I had a few minutes to kill.

I wanted to take the book, my idea notebook and some pens with me on the trip. I couldn’t just take them in some silly plain old pencil case, I *had* to make this cute one. Plus that cute piece of fabric has been begging to be turned into something for quite a while.

4 Responses to My zakka style

  1. Adorable! And I have no doubt that having your pens in that pouch made the trip better. :)

  2. These are so cute and such a great idea. I’ll have to check out zakka style because these would be wonderful gifts for kiddos and my gal pals. Nice work. :)


  3. oh dude, I need something like this so I can keep some crayons in my purse for G. such a smart idea!

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