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Zakka Style sewalong

Catching up on the Zakka Style sew along. Here’s my project.

Here’s Ayumi’s creation. You can see more in the Flickr pool.

Friday Create Along

Now in the interest of being totally honest, I have to tell you I’m usually finishing my projects on Thursday nights. Which is ok with me, but usually leaves me scrambling for photos the next day! This week I was done my project on Saturday. Yes Saturday. Probably because it involved cracking open my copy of Zakka Style by this lovely lady and I couldn’t wait to get sewing.

I actually even made 2 kits since I’m involved in a handmade swap right now and I enjoyed the project a lot.

I hope she likes it! Anyone know where you can get awesome pins like those?! I can’t find any fun pins anywhere. These ones were gifts from Amy during the swaps where we happened to get each other, it’s happened twice.

Since I’m so busy this weekend, being away and all, I’m not going to choose a project for next week. I proclaim it a Create Along vacation. I’m allowed, it’s my blog.

Zakka Style Sew Along

If you have a copy of Zakka Style and are interested in a sew along there’s one going on over here. I’ll kinda sorta play along, I’m a free spirit and like to jump around and not follow directions exactly.

Friday Create along

Here are the two Tooth Fairy envelopes I made from this tutorial.

Wesley’s already lost 1 tooth and has another that’s super loose. Nate’s still a while from losing teeth but I wasn’t going to leave him out. Plus I love their faces when they wake up to discover I’ve handmade them something.

Next I’m going to try another project from Zakka Style. This time the sewing kit on page 22. It’s also pictured on the cover.

My zakka style

I mentioned yesterday I got a copy of Zakka Style just before the holidays. So far it has been responsible for intriguing me enough to actually try making hexies (I had an idea for how to use them) and I managed to sneak this project in on Christmas day. You know, between the chaos of presents and packing and leaving for a trip, I had a few minutes to kill.

I wanted to take the book, my idea notebook and some pens with me on the trip. I couldn’t just take them in some silly plain old pencil case, I *had* to make this cute one. Plus that cute piece of fabric has been begging to be turned into something for quite a while.

Anyone else counting the days?

Until this book comes out?

Indigo or Amazon

And also this one, I want this one baaaaaaaad

Indigo or Amazon

Can’t wait!