Fun at ‘the teacher store’

I took my kids to ‘the teacher store’ the other day for a bit of a play. It’s actually Scholar’s Choice but ‘the teacher store’ is what most of us at school call it. My kids used to call it ‘the Thomas store’ becuase there was a Thomas table and loads of engines but now those have been replaced with a Chuggington table so there was some confusion on the weekend as to what we should call it now.

While the kids were playing I did some wandering around and came across these awesome stickers. The simple design and whole vintage feel of them is great.

I have no clue right now what I’m going to use them for but I do know that as a teacher I couldn’t pass them up and as a crafter I really couldn’t resist them. I can’t wait to put them to good use on some sort of project.

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